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3 Ways our Union Relationships Speed Up Deliveries

As a New York union trucking company, we understand the dilemma of choosing the right trucking company. When you’re arranging for materials to be delivered to your construction site, you need a company that will responsibly deliver your freight on time. It may not seem like it, but that’s a lot to ask. Even if they leave early to beat traffic, other trucking companies may not be able to deliver on that promise. Because our trucking company is part of the teamster union, we have great connections that streamline our delivery times. Read on to learn more about how our union relationships speed up the delivery process.


1. We Are in The Same Labor Union

Because we are a union trucking company, all of our drivers are part of The International Brotherhood of Teamsters. This is the same labor union that many NYC construction professionals operate in! So, both our teamster truck drivers and the on-site stewards and superintendents are in the same union.

This relationship goes beyond titles. Union members negotiate contracts together, and go through the same channels to resolve work-related issues. They also share a strong sense of pride in their work and organization! So, our union trucking company has many strong relationships that are quite helpful.

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2. Our On-Time Deliveries Help Meet Your Deadlines

Even for diligent project managers, keeping construction on schedule can be a nightmare. There are tons of variables to deal with– the weather, your construction teams, and permits, to name a few. Having your construction materials or machinery delivered by a union trucking company should be a given. Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s a major concern.

Because our union trucking company has strong connections with the job site superintendents, this is never an issue. We’re never delayed by other vehicles, and are always prepared to meet your deadlines. Thanks to route surveys (and not to mention familiarity with the area), we’re also well-informed about departure times!


3. We Ship Materials Between Job Sites with Ease

There’s no nightmare like suddenly realizing the pallet of shingles at your midtown job site actually belongs in the financial district. Or, suddenly needing to install the transformer in your Upper East Side building to SoHo. It’s logistically difficult for construction teams to do this independently, so many choose to hire trucking companies. However, only a NYC union trucking company can handle this task flawlessly.

Most trucking companies would have a fair amount of difficulty in handling this task. First, they have to enter the job site to retrieve the materials. Without special equipment like liftgates or forklifts, this can take quite a long time. They then have to leave, navigate through the bustling city streets and end up at the second job site. Finally, they have to enter the second job site, and unload.

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For an experienced union trucking company, this process is a breeze. Because we’re acquainted with the job site supervisors, there’s minimal downtime between entering and leaving each job site. Our forklifts and liftgates allow us to load and unload palletized materials with ease. And, because our drivers have over 20 years of experience driving around NYC, we’re adept at finding the best routes.


Union Trucking in New York City by Iron Horse Transport

At Iron Horse Transport, we’re completely dedicated to providing streamlined shipping services for construction sites. Whether you have a final mile delivery or need something shipped across town, our team can handle it. Our back office support staff is always available to answer any questions that you might have!