Container handlers and trucks In the loading and unloading yard

How We Keep Your Cargo Safe & Secure

Without a doubt, trucking companies are the life-blood of the modern economy. Trucking has now surpassed railroads and airplanes as the most popular and in-demand shipping method available to businesses nationwide. Of course, speed and efficiency are two assets that trucking companies skillfully deliver on a regular basis. However, we’re also respected and admired for our enhanced security measures.

Nobody wants to ship out something that’s likely to be damaged, or disappear, on its way to its destination. No New York trucking company could possibly survive very long with a reputation for damaging or losing their shipments. Therefore, at Iron Horse Transport, we take the matter of security very seriously.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the ways we keep your cargo safe on the journey to its destination.


1. Forklifts

Of course, the security protocol begins with the loading/unloading process. Basically, the moment we’re responsible for your cargo, we immediately begin to enforce its safety and security. And forklifts are one of the techniques we apply to ensure your merchandise finds it way onto our trucks safely and in one piece.

In addition, forklifts aren’t just the safest way to load or unload your freight. They’re also the most time-efficient. First, forklifts allow drivers to unload palletized and fork-accessible freight directly after arriving. Forklift-certified drivers can expedite the unloading process by easily accessing, lifting and removing the freight.

Next, after removing the freight, our forklift drivers can place it down in an organized fashion. Also, this streamlined process is extremely valuable for union job sites with deadlines and other priorities. This is preferable to having union workers use pallet jacks, which require valuable time and energy.

2. Air Ride Suspension

When it comes to cargo safety, air ride suspension is a famously efficient (and state-of-the-art) way to prevent any damage to the items within the trailer. Air ride suspension is a unique and dynamic suspension system that supports both the dry van and tractor above the truck’s tires throughout its journey. Traditionally, trucks rely upon primitive steel springs to do this.

Air ride suspension is a system of strategically-placed air cushions between the freight cab and tires. Basically, they keep the trailer (and cargo) in place. Also, they absorb the shocks and impacts from bumps, potholes and other obstacles that steel springs normally take.

The air cushions keep the complete weight of the truck suspended in place. A more commonly used steel spring system is more vulnerable to damage from the impact of obstructions on the road.

The air cushion is preferable to relying on steel to support the weight of the truck and the freight. This suspension system also allows the dry van to sit higher than it would with steel springs, raising it above more road obstructions.

3. Dry Van Trailers

Dry van trucking is the standard long-distance trucking method. And even though it’s the most fundamental method available, that doesn’t mean it compromises security. In fact, dry van trucking is the very best option for transporting any fragile merchandise.

Unlike flatbed trucks, dry van trucks are the preferable choice for transporting vulnerable cargo. The trailers in dry van trucks offer complete, impenetrable protection for temperature, weather or moisture-sensitive materials. Obviously, some materials can withstand exposure to the elements (like steel beams). However, lumber and other palletized materials on a flatbed truck needs total protection from the outdoors.

Dry vans will keep your freight safe from rain, wind, moisture, heat, and any other environmental condition. They’re completely sealed from top to bottom, in a totally secure and enclosed van. Dry vans keep shipments in locked, secured containers that prevent tampering, loss or theft.


Conclusion – Iron Horse Transport

Of course, we employ a number of additional factors in order to protect your cargo. Our professional, experienced drivers, stringent lock and security systems, rigorously secure pallet anchoring, state-of-the-art equipment and more all contribute to a safe, secure, and speedy shipment.