Truck Driver Behind Wheel

8 Characteristics of a Great Truck Driver

When you determine who should transport your expensive and fragile freight, you should only select the absolute best. Truck drivers should be experienced and cautious to ensure the prompt arrival of your freight. Self-driving trucks may be impressive technology, but they lack the skill and finesse of human drivers.

At Iron Horse Transport, we take enormous pride in making sure that our drivers can meet these rigorous and uncompromising standards. As a NYC trucking company, these are some of the qualities that we ensure each of our drivers have.


1. Alertness

This may be the most important quality – especially during winter. Truck drivers must be able to remain alert on the road and in control for long trips, as well as navigating through NYC. They must also, however, recognize when it’s necessary to pull over and take a break. While features like air ride suspension help to prevent damage during accidents or erratic motions, avoiding them altogether is best.

When operating a truck, there is more to pay attention to than the cars directly nearby. At any moment, there could be a seemingly indistinct sign of danger, like a sudden vibration or odor. All truck drivers should have a heightened awareness of these indicators. In addition, they should be able to recognize the underlying problems and navigate them safely.


2. Has a CDL

This goes without saying, but all individuals driving a dry van freight truck or another truck must have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This license entitles them to be able to drive freight trucks. If you find a trucking company that offers to transport your freight through NYC without certified drivers, take this as a major red flag. No trucking companies should permit anyone to operate their vehicles without a CDL.


3. Knowledge of the Surrounding Area

This is especially important for our union teamsters. Because the majority of our trucking domain is located within NYC, our truck drivers understand the geography.

Beyond geography, our drivers also understand the unique challenges associated with transporting freight through this area. And with their ample experience in navigating NYC, they can navigate these obstructions with precision. This is especially important during a final mile delivery, where the final destination is often within a densely populated neighborhood.


4. Good Communication with Job Site Superintendents

Each of our drivers have been transporting materials to union job sites for over 20 years. Within this time frame, we’ve developed outstanding relationships with job site superintendents.

Essentially, this allows us to transport freight quickly and smoothly. We also bypass the difficulties that lesser-known trucking companies encounter.


5. Stellar Driving Record

Besides the insurance costs that a blemished driving record could impose, having an experienced driver is hugely beneficial. Experienced, city-savvy drivers are less likely to cause damage to your freight, which is especially important in a bustling area like New York City.

This lowers the risk of an accident, while also preserving equipment. Furthermore, a clean driving record is also indicative of skill, professionalism and a passion for one’s job.


6. Mechanical Skills & Physical Capability

A truck driver who understands how trucks operate will be able to diagnose issues or make emergency repairs. These technical skills are also helpful if there are challenges during the unloading process, especially with potentially dangerous or large freight.

Additionally, physically capable truck drivers are better suited for loading and unloading freight.


7. Honesty

Abiding by deadlines, transparency and following regulations are important. While it may seem worthwhile to break regulations for the sake of convenience, doing so repeatedly will cultivate a culture of rule-breaking. Even slightly illegal maneuvers can be costly in the long run. Instead, you should always seek out the honest, regulation-compliant trucking company that will help you do the job correctly.


8. Good Interpersonal Skills

Even with all of the above traits, the ideal trucker should be able to communicate clearly and politely. As local 282 teamsters, our truck drivers are able to communicate with stakeholders throughout the freight transportation process. This is essential, as being communicative and courteous is essential when interacting with others.



Conclusion – Iron Horse Transport & Our Standard in Trucking

When entrusting somebody with your valuable freight, you should prioritize its safety. At Iron Horse Transport, our certified drivers have proven their expertise and efficiency by making safe deliveries time and again.