Air Ride Suspension – What is It?

Iron Horse Transport specializes in the coordination of all freight shipment. Being Local 282 Teamsters, this is a responsibility we take very seriously. The individual attention and dedication necessary to ensure the safe arrival of each freight item is a matter we understand. Iron Horse is fully staffed with experienced union truck drivers, experts on the delivery of both machinery and materials to corresponding union job sites.

Our expert teamster drivers are well equipped with the necessary experience, caution and tact necessary to safely deliver your freight. We are union workers supporting union job sites. We can accommodate all of your shipping needs in a quick and efficient manner.

Long Island and New York City both have unpredictable and unstable terrain. New York City especially has an additional set of challenging circumstances to navigate. Because of this, they can be dangerous if not equipped with the air ride suspension found in each of our trucks. This equipment will allow our drivers to avoid the damage that can be imposed by the obstructions found on the road.


What Is Air Ride Suspension?

Air ride suspension is the unique suspension system that supports both the dry van and tractor above the tires. In most vehicles, a traditional steel spring system performs this function.

Rather than using steel that permits more movement, the air cushions installed within our trucks prevent the dry van and tractor from dropping. These air cushions, placed in between the freight cab and the tires, absorb the impact received from bumps, potholes and other obstacles that the steel springs normally take.

The air cushions keep the complete weight of the truck supported in place. A more commonly used steel spring system is more vulnerable to damage from the impact of obstructions on the road.

The air cushion is preferable to relying on steel to support the weight of the truck and the freight. This suspension system also allows the dry van to sit higher than it would with steel springs, raising it above more road obstructions.

Speeding truck on highway

Air ride suspension is only one of the features our trucks have. We also offer a number of other services, including:

  • 80 foot flatbed trailers
  • Dry van service with 28, 48 and 53 foot trailers
  • Step deck, double drop and double drop stretch trailers
  • Union delivery service
  • Forklift service
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly trailer rental
  • Warehousing services
  • Route surveys
  • Cross docking service
  • Final mile delivery


What Makes it Preferable?

To a certain extent, steel suspension systems absorb the impact of potholes and other common road bumps during final mile delivery service. However, the air suspension is a superior system by a wide margin and you can expect a better performance.

The air cushions not only keep the dry van elevated higher, but it will keep the surface very stable. Keeping the cargo elevated and stable increases the shock absorption rate. Because of the reduced shock, this decreases the risk of damage to fragile freight. Ultimately, this system will prevent any movement within the dry van. The materials being transported will be handled with the utmost of safety and efficiency during travel.


What Should I Ship With Air Ride Suspension?

Air ride suspension relies on the function of eliminating movement and decreasing harmful impact. This, in essence, makes it ideal for transporting any and all materials and equipment to and from job sites.

However, air ride suspension is critical for the transportation of more fragile items, specifically the following materials:

  • Large liquid-filled containers
  • Glass window panes
  • Fragile tiles
  • Air conditioning units
  • Carefully designed machinery
  • Dangerous materials


Packaging is still Important

At Iron Horse Transport, we prioritize investment in sturdy, safe, top-of-the-line equipment. Our union teamster truck drivers will take the utmost care to safeguard your freight by strapping it down, keeping it fully contained and preventing collisions within the dry van.