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Over-Dimensional Transport: What to Expect

One of the services we’re best known for is our over-dimensional transport. Shipping enormous, over-dimensional cargo is an incredibly difficult and complex endeavor. This is especially true in this area. However, in many cases it’s very necessary. Sometimes, companies must ship very large items. But if you need over-dimensional transport, what should you expect? In this post, we’ll break down everything you should anticipate when it comes to over-dimensional shipping.

At Iron Horse Transport, we’ve been providing New York with indispensable trucking services for many years. When it comes to hauling freight through New York, it’s no easy feat. Trucking throughout New York City and the surrounding area is not for faint-hearted or unqualified trucking companies. Therefore, at Iron Horse Transport we pull out all the stops to make sure no other company can compete with us.

What Is Over-Dimensional Transport?

Cargo is “over-dimensional” if it won’t fit on a standard flatbed or trailer. Generally, most trailers are about eight feet wide. Anything larger requires a lot of additional precautionary measures to ship. In a few (very rare) cases, freight can extend up to fifteen feet wide. In this case, it would hang over the trailer bed.

Additionally, freight exceeding a specific trailer bed’s height can also be over-dimensional transport. After going past a certain height, freight can collide with signs, bridges, and other obstructions. In both of these cases, our NYC trucking company can ensure your freight will safely reach its destination.

What To Expect

At Iron Horse Transport, our over-dimensional services must comply with all New York state safety policies and regulations. However, these requirements can often vary by state. If you’re not in New York, there’s a possibility that over-dimensional transport requirements are not quite the same.


Since New York City has a lot of safety regulations, we take immense care to ensure we do not violate any of them. Many states (not just New York) require trucking companies to obtain permits from each state the freight moves through. The permits have information like cargo dimensions, what’s being shipped, plus the origin and destination. In addition, it will disclose the unique conditions the companies must adhere to. This includes safety equipment, escort vehicles, and the time allotted to ship.

There’s a lot of components that go into planning over-dimensional transport, such as route surveys. Most of the pre-planning responsibility falls on the trucking company and its back-office support staff. For example, the trucking company comes up with the preferable route, and submits the necessary information to obtain the permits. Also, the trucking company arranges the additional precautions like escort vehicles and other safety equipment.


In order to successfully plan over-dimensional transport, a good trucking company will collect the most specific and detailed information possible. If so, the pre-planing and shipping will go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. When you request a quote from your carrier, the most important information to have is your dimensions. These dimensions will determine precisely what requirements your carrier must follow. In addition, you should submit model numbers, serial numbers, values and descriptions. Also, it’s recommended to disclose information about how the cargo should be loaded and unloaded.

Since over-dimensional transport is so rigorous and complex, most companies require at least two weeks’ notice prior to the shipment. Everything trucking companies need to ship over-dimensional cargo takes some time to get in place. State restrictions can also affect transit times, so a safe estimate is about fifty miles per hour. However, it’s best to add a few additional minutes in order to consider unforeseen delays or possible route adjustments. Throughout the entire shipment, we remain in constant contact with our drivers to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Conclusion – Iron Horse Transport

No matter how large or stubbornly heavy your freight, at Iron Horse Transport we’ll brave the crowded streets of New York to guarantee it reaches it destination in one piece. We maintain a passionate commitment to innovative trucking services that can’t be matched by our competitors.