Container loading in a Cargo freight ship with industrial crane. Container ship in import and export business logistic company. Industry and Transportation concept.

Finding the Right Trucking Company For You

Finding the right trucking company in the New York area is no easy feat. Between unscrupulous companies, insurance lapses, reckless, inexperienced drivers and poor infrastructure, navigating trucking services can be tough. At Iron Horse Transport, our decades of experience provide us with unique insight into what makes a reliable versus unreliable trucking company. Therefore, we…
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delivery truck nyc

6 Challenges of Trucking in NYC

New York City is a difficult place to navigate, and delivering freight can be a nightmare. With tight streets, confusing neighborhoods and trucking restrictions to follow, there are a lot of obstacles. Many trucking companies are unable (or unwilling) to deliver freight for these reasons. At Iron Horse Transport, our team is dedicated to NYC…
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White truck with small flatbed for deliveries

Self Driving Trucks: Can They be Helpful?

Artificial intelligence has developed a lot over the past few years, with self-driving cars as a major achievement. Naturally, this technology has left us wondering when the same advances will be applied to trucks. At Iron Horse Transport, advances in trucking have always captured our attention. But can self-driving technology improve construction site deliveries in…
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Container loading in a Cargo freight ship with industrial crane. Container ship in import and export business logistic company. Industry and Transportation concept.

Intermodal Drayage: The fastest growing trucking service

Every year, millions of containers are moved from the New York and New Jersey ports using intermodal drayage. Items such as food, paper products, appliances, and more all take a ride on the drayage network. Intermodal drayage is growing fast. Trucking companies, ships, and railroads work together to provide a cost-effective solution to moving freight….
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Container handlers and trucks In the loading and unloading yard

How We Keep Your Cargo Safe & Secure

Without a doubt, trucking companies are the life-blood of the modern economy. Trucking has now surpassed railroads and airplanes as the most popular and in-demand shipping method available to businesses nationwide. Of course, speed and efficiency are two assets that trucking companies skillfully deliver on a regular basis. However, we’re also respected and admired for…
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trucking in NYC during the holidays

6 Ways NYC Trucking Changes During the Holidays

In many industries, the holidays are the busiest time of year. With more people than ever shopping, traveling, and businesses taking advantage of increased sales, this trend needs no explanation. And it’s no different in the trucking industry. As a construction company that specializes in union construction, we may not be a part of the…
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dry van truck

5 Advantages of Final Mile Delivery Service

On construction sites, keeping the building process moving should be a priority. After placing an order for and arranging transportation for materials and machinery, you should never worry about it again. With final mile delivery, that peace-of-mind can be a reality. Final mile logistics companies have changed the way that materials are delivered. Read on…
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Iron Horse Transport flatbed truck with a container waiting to be moved

How Trucking Services from New York City Can Help Your Business

From NYC traffic patterns to construction zones, a local trucking company will know how to get your freight where it needs to go quickly and efficiently. They’ll also be familiar with all of the required permits and regulations, so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive safely and on time. If you’re looking…
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Cargo ships with full container receipts to import and export products worldwide

Drayage: A Vital Role in New York’s Supply Chain

Speed and efficiency of U.S. supply chains have varied over the years. This is especially true for New York, which is a vital supply chain hub. New York’s (and New Jersey’s) ports and shipping logistics are a lifeline for transporting goods. With numerous options to move cargo, the largest East Coast container port provides in…
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Flatbed truck hauling materials with a forklift on the back

Flatbed Trucking Services: The Most Common Freight 

At Iron Horse Transport, a safe and quick delivery is our highest priority. We use state-of-the-art trucking equipment, excellent drivers and good back-office support staff to accomplish this. And more often than not, a diverse range of trucking services guarantee safe, fast and reliable transportation. One of the most popular trucking services here in New…
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