Maintenance: Keeping Trucks Efficient & Safe

At Iron Horse Transport, we understand the need for safe and reliable shipping, in a way that very few other companies do. Often, the freight we transport ranges from expensive machinery to massive quantities of construction materials. Regardless of the freight’s nature, transporting it without incident is our central, passionate mission. Of course, we consider…
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truck with wide load sign shipping over dimensional transport

3 Helpful Tips For Shipping Over-Dimensional Transport

Shipping over-dimensional cargo can be a difficult and complex endeavor. This is especially true here, in the New York Metropolitan area. However, just because it’s difficult doesn’t make it any less necessary. But with some simple, useful knowledge, you’ll be able to ship cargo of any size with confidence. In this post, we’ll list some…
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Final mile trucking transport

NYC Final Mile Delivery Service

Nowadays, consumers expect more from their businesses. When it comes to any kind of purchase, we demand speed and convenience when it comes to shipping. Trucking companies have to find new ways to refine their services to meet the modern landscape. Final mile delivery service is one way we offer convenient delivery options and schedules…
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flatbed truck hauling large spools of cable to a NYC job site by Iron Horse Transport

The Most Common Uses for Flatbed Trucking Services

At Iron Horse Transport, one of the ways we’ve earned our reputation as an exceptional New York trucking company is with our Flatbed Trucking Services. When it comes to reliable, timely shipments, trucking is now the most popular way to move goods from one place to another during all seasons in New York. At Iron…
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teamster driving truck

3 Ways our Union Relationships Speed Up Deliveries

Originally posted on January 18, 2019, this post has been updated for accuracy and relevancy. As a New York trucking company, we understand the difficulties of finding the right union transport provider. When you’re arranging for your construction site delivery, you need a company that will safely deliver your freight, and quickly. It may not…
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Iron Horse Transport truck carrying cargo through New York City

The Bill of Lading: What It Is & Why It’s Important

At Iron Horse Transport, we know that when it comes to New York City trucking, there can be no corners cut or details overlooked. Obviously, with unbeatable experience and a sterling reputation, we’re experts in shipping freight in the NYC area. Therefore, we’ve refined our winter and springtime services; and we’ve established an infrastructure to…
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Container loading in a Cargo freight ship with industrial crane. Container ship in import and export business logistic company. Industry and Transportation concept.

Finding the Right Trucking Company For You

Finding the right trucking company in the New York area is no easy feat. Between unscrupulous companies, insurance lapses, reckless, inexperienced drivers and poor infrastructure, navigating trucking services can be tough. At Iron Horse Transport, our decades of experience provide us with unique insight into what makes a reliable versus unreliable trucking company. Therefore, we…
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dry van trailer

5 Reasons to Rent Trailers From a NYC Trucking Company

New York City is famous for one thing: being very, very busy. Obviously, this applies to just about everyone and every place that the city has to offer. It goes without saying that this includes union construction sites. Of course, NYC construction sites are bustling, eventful and full of workers hauling about building materials. It’s…
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Iron Horse Transport dry van for delivery in Queens NY in springtime

3 Essential Springtime Trucking Services in New York

Without a doubt, spring is one of the busiest times of the year for union trucking. In addition, spring in New York City and the Metropolitan area is doubly chaotic, considering the inherent challenges of the region. However, which specific services are in highest demand during spring? Now that spring is right on the horizon, it’s…
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modern truck in winter

7 Ways We Drive Safely During the Winter

New York can have some very harsh winters. As a matter of fact, this very winter, we’re dealing with frequent snowstorms, bitterly cold temperatures and ice on every surface. Therefore, it’s currently a dangerous time for all drivers. Limited visibility and slippery, unstable conditions are serious challenges. In addition, when inexperienced drivers are on the…
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