dry van truck

Dry Van Shipping FAQs

If your cargo is vulnerable to poor weather or climate conditions, dry van shipping is your best option. In fact, dry van shipping is one of the most popular methods for transport. And in this post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about dry van shipping. Q: What is Dry Van Shipping?…
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trucking company nyc

5 Things to Look for in a New York Trucking Company

When you’re coordinating a construction project in NYC, there are so many factors to consider. Will all of the employees be on the job site during the appropriate times? Do you have the appropriate building permits? Will the NYC trucking company arrive punctually, with the freight in good condition? This final consideration is important –…
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Oversize trailer with big metal tubes

3 Ways IHT Successfully Ships Over-Dimensional Transport

Iron Horse Transport, as a New York trucking service, has several challenging factors to contend with. The operation of such massive vehicles will present challenges in any region. However, in New York City, these challenges are greatly amplified. Trucking services are now eclipsing rail shipments in terms of demand. Therefore, the need for expert trucking…
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Truck Driver Behind Wheel

8 Characteristics of a Great Truck Driver

When you determine who should transport your expensive and fragile freight, you should only select the absolute best. Truck drivers should be experienced and cautious to ensure the prompt arrival of your freight. Self-driving trucks may be impressive technology, but they lack the skill and finesse of human drivers. At Iron Horse Transport, we take…
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modern truck in winter

7 Ways We Drive Safely During the Winter

New York can sometimes have very harsh winters. When there’s snow or ice on the road, it’s a dangerous time for all drivers. Limited visibility and slippery, unstable conditions are serious challenges. In addition, when inexperienced drivers are on the road, they often overcorrect. Also, they may exercise caution at the wrong times. These risks…
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Driver in cabin of big modern truck

How Truck Drivers Can Reduce Stress

Driving trucks is a job with a very specific set of challenges. Additionally, truck driving in the New York area is particularly difficult. Drivers can sometimes feel exhausted or overwhelmed. Undoubtedly, the responsibilities alone can be daunting. Truck drivers are not only responsible for safely navigating a massive vehicle. Additionally, they’re responsible for keeping their…
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The container vessel during discharging at an industrial port and move containers to container yard by trucks

Why Trucking Services Are Preferred to Rail

Iron Horse Transport has been providing New York with drayage, final mile delivery, intermodal and other trucking services for years. Trucking businesses have competed with the railroad industry for years (and collaborated with them during intermodal drayage services). For a long time, the preferred option for retailers was using trains to ship cargo. A few…
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Halloween concept. Truck with Halloween Pumpkin, 3D rendering isolated on white background

How NY Trucking Companies Make Halloween Happen

It’s that time of the year again. Everywhere you look, there are jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and all things spooky. Halloween has arrived! And the vast majority of people don’t give too much thought to how the costumes, candy and decorations get on their store shelves in time. A little known fact is that trucking companies are…
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Jackknifed truck - Accident On Winter Day

Jackknife Skids – What Are They & How Should You Handle Them?

At Iron Horse Transport, we place a high priority on the satisfaction of our customers and the efficiency of our deliveries. All of our trucking services have been refined to meet the very highest industry standards. From the training and experience of our drivers to the operation of the very best equipment, Iron Horse Transport’s…
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Air Ride Suspension – What is It?

Iron Horse Transport specializes in the coordination of all freight shipment. Being Local 282 Teamsters, this is a responsibility we take very seriously. The individual attention and dedication necessary to ensure the safe arrival of each freight item is a matter we understand. Iron Horse is fully staffed with experienced union truck drivers, experts on…
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