Cargo ships with full container receipts to import and export products worldwide

Drayage: A Vital Role in New York’s Supply Chain

Speed and efficiency of U.S. supply chains have varied over the years. This is especially true for New York, which is a vital supply chain hub. New York’s (and New Jersey’s) ports and shipping logistics are a lifeline for transporting goods. With numerous options to move cargo, the largest East Coast container port provides in…
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Flatbed truck hauling materials with a forklift on the back

Flatbed Trucking Services: The Most Common Freight 

At Iron Horse Transport, a safe and quick delivery is our highest priority. We use state-of-the-art trucking equipment, excellent drivers and good back-office support staff to accomplish this. And more often than not, a diverse range of trucking services guarantee safe, fast and reliable transportation. One of the most popular trucking services here in New…
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What is Dry Van Shipping, And What Is It Useful For?

As a union-staffed trucking company, Iron Horse Transportation understands your concerns. We will protect your valuable freight through the shipping process. Whether you are shipping furniture to your new apartment in New York City or materials for a construction project across Long Island, we will facilitate your freight’s safe and punctual arrival. Dry Van: Keep…
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Mounted forklift being removed to unload truck

Truck-Mounted Forklifts: A Comprehensive Guide

Truck-mounted forklifts are an essential part of many modern union trucking services. They feature a special sleek and compact design. Basically, their size enables them to attach to flatbed trucks for quick transport to remote job sites. Often, they’re lighter and less “heavy-duty” than traditional forklifts. However, these models are ideal for handling more-specific jobs…
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dry van truck

5 Ways to Maximize Your Truck’s Fuel Efficiency

When long-haul truckers receive payment by the mile or time, they may feel a temptation to stay on the road longer. However, there’s a significant downside to doing this. Many truckers might not consider these potential setbacks for union shipping companies. That downside comes in the form of truck fuel efficiency and rising fuel costs….
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NYC step deck stretch trailer

Trucking in 2022: What the New Normal will Change

We’re now officially in the new year – which means a brand-new opportunity for the trucking industry to grow and evolve. In recent years, the industry has grown and seen historic new levels of demand. Transporting goods from one location to the next safely and efficiently has long been the task of union trucking companies….
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Double drop flatbed trailer

Why Choose a Union Shipping Company?

Unions are the backbone of America. Here at Iron Horse Transport, we are proud members of Local 282. Local 282 has played an integral part in the construction of New York City since it began in 1903. In 2007 we began as a small operation and have grown to triple our size in the past…
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Free shipping vector illustration. Isolated delivery truck with red bow. Gift box on truck. Set of white open and closed gift box present with red ribbon bow in isometric. Cargo logistics

Shipping in 2021: Holiday Supply Chain Interference

Whether you’re moving building materials to midtown Manhattan or shipping goods to stores across Long Island, we understand the importance of punctuality. Timelines and deadlines need to be set and executed promptly. Don’t let potential disruptions in supply and delivery worry you.  Iron Horse Transport will handle all the shipping for you. Regardless of what’s…
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Halloween concept. Truck with Halloween Pumpkin, 3D rendering isolated on white background

Fall 2021: Trucking Safety Tips for NYC

Iron Horse Transport is the very embodiment of trucking excellence in New York City. Obviously, transportation in New York is very different than anywhere else in the country. With narrow roads, colossal traffic volume, congestion, pedestrians and difficult terrain, New York City shipping requires trucking services to operate at maximum efficiency. Trucking service providers delivering…
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Maintenance: Keeping Trucks Efficient & Safe

At Iron Horse Transport, we understand the need for safe and reliable shipping, in a way that very few other companies do. Often, the freight we transport ranges from expensive machinery to massive quantities of construction materials. Regardless of the freight’s nature, transporting it without incident is our central, passionate mission. Of course, we consider…
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