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NYC Union Trucking Insurance: How Does It Work?

For NYC union trucking companies, traveling through the metropolitan area can present a lot of risks. Fortunately, at Iron Horse Transport, we take a tactical approach to reduce these risks to your freight. Our truck drivers have decades of experience navigating these roads under their belts. They’re also operating vehicles that undergo routine maintenance for maximum efficiency.

Thanks to our trucking insurance, your freight’s also protected in the event of an accident. Read on to learn more about our trucking insurance policy, and how it benefits you.


What is Trucking Insurance?

Trucking insurance policies work the same way as most insurance policies. Because of our monthly insurance payments, we have consistent protection in the event of an incident. However, trucking insurance benefits extend well beyond our company.

Our policy also features plenty of terms and conditions that directly benefit our clients. Without trucking insurance, freight could be severely damaged in the event of an accident. Whether our trucks carry steel rebar or over-dimensional freight, our policy fully covers any potential damage. This is crucial, especially considering the numerous challenges of NYC trucking.

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Is Trucking Insurance Mandatory?

Yes, all trucking companies are required to have general liability insurance. This protects people who may be the third party to an incident. However, because of the countless risks of NYC trucking, there are other types of coverage, too.

Building owners are familiar with the overall process of construction site delivery in NYC. They understand the potential for accidents, as well as the consequences that accidents can present (without insurance). Because of these potential consequences, many building owners only hire trucking companies with thorough, comprehensive policies that involve cargo coverage. For trucking companies hauling heavy, fragile freight, this type of coverage is key. And, our coverage has a higher value for most trucking companies in the area.


How We Prevent Damage In the First Place

While trucking insurance can be crucial in a pinch, we do everything in our power to prevent the need for utilizing it.

Trucking insurance can be a lifesaver in the event of an inc

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What Does the Cargo Coverage Policy Cover?

While our drivers always practice the utmost caution during freight hauls and unloading procedures, unsafe conditions can unfortunately arise. In rare situations like these, cargo coverage fully protects your freight.


Accidents Due to Weather

While all of our trucks are prepared for dangerous conditions, the weather can occasionally be unpredictable. If one of our trucks skids during rain or winter weather conditions, then your freight is covered. Our cargo coverage policy protects us and your freight in weather-related accidents. Our union trucking company will ensure that you receive the proper insurance payout.



Our drivers are vigilant in preventing collisions by keeping a steady distance at all times. Whether the fault lies with our driver or the other, your freight is covered regardless. This means that you can easily obtain the proper funding to replace your materials or machinery.


Over-Dimensional Transport

When freight like cooling towers and rooftop HVAC units won’t fit on a standard trailer, we follow over-dimensional transport procedures. This includes a preliminary route survey, securing permits, and potentially an escort car. Our cargo coverage includes large freight like this.


Iron Horse Transport – A New York Trucking Company

At Iron Horse Transport, we take pride in being the best possible option for your union delivery needs. We remain in constant communication with our drivers, so they’re fully prepared to deliver your freight safely and on-time.