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8 Reasons To Choose a Trucking Company With Back Office Support

In the fast-paced NYC construction industry, you have a lot of moving factors to consider every day. To finish complicated (and time-sensitive) building projects, you need competent engineers and able construction employees on site. On a rainy day, it’s not always possible to operate weather-sensitive machinery. Essentially, when it comes to the New York construction business, you need a trucking company with a responsive and accountable back office.

Union sites rely on their New York trucking companies to adequately deliver their materials. However, what happens if you go with a company without a well-developed team of back office support? In this post, we’ll discuss why the trucking company that you choose must have a stellar back office support team.

1. Oversee Accurate Invoicing 

The ideal transaction between a NYC trucking company and a construction company should be simple, smooth and coherent. After delivering the freight, the company should send the client an invoice. When the back office of your trucking company can’t accomplish this simple task, there’s a significant issue.

With reliable and efficient back office staff, Iron Horse Transport always charges fairly and promptly. Our office staff will be available to answer any questions regarding the invoice, and address any discrepancies.

2. Promptly Handling All Inquiries 

What kind of truck will be delivering the freight? What’s the name of the driver who will be delivering the freight? When will the freight be delivered? Will there be a forklift on the truck to easily unload the freight, or will they use a liftgate instead?

Basically, if you’re having freight delivered to a NYC job site, then you deserve answers to these types of questions. Dealing with a back office that can’t access this type of information is tedious and frustrating. Additionally, it prevents you from properly planning and can lead to costly and time-consuming issues in the future. Our back office staff is always available to answer questions regarding freight delivery.

3. Freight Tracking to Keep You Updated

In the construction world, staying on schedule is everything. And if your freight doesn’t arrive by the scheduled time, then you deserve to know why. Unfortunately, a company without an efficient back office staff most likely lacks the technology or ability to promptly locate your freight.

On the other hand, trucking companies with efficient back offices can provide you with all of the information you need. Moreover, each one of our trucks are equipped with GPS navigation systems, and can be found at a moment’s notice. So if you’re curious about when a shipment might arrive, our back office staff can update you instantly.

4. Ensure All Trucks Are Properly Maintained

When making countless deliveries all around New York, trucks experience a lot of wear and tear. With drivers focusing on punctuality during each delivery, somebody needs to organize regular truck maintenance.

Along with handling other logistical issues, the back office staff often arranges routine maintenance on all trucks. This means having the mechanic regularly change and refill tires, check hoses and belts, and more. Essentially, trucking companies with an efficient back office staff make sure that all trucks are fully maintained.

5. Handle Insurance Payments

When you’re choosing who should carry your freight in NYC, insurance policies should be a critical consideration. Trucking insurance protects both the trucking company and the owner of the freight in the event of an incident. While experienced drivers can prevent accidents in the first place, having this policy in place goes a long way.

Often, the back office staff is responsible for ensuring that the right insurance policies are in play. Smaller companies without support personnel might lose track of these important details.

6. Route Surveys & Permit Applications

An efficient freight delivery is all about foresight. Primarily, that means considering all of the shipment details– including the specific route the driver will take. Before the delivery date, back office staff can research the best possible route. This is a necessity for loads that are larger than the bed of the truck.

In order to drive through particular areas in NYC, we may need a permit. Our back office staff can research this beforehand, and arrange for any permits.

7. Manage Any Potential Issues Immediately

Even with all of the proper precautions, some issues are unavoidable. That’s why our back office staff always goes the extra mile in identifying these issues, and reaching out to resolve them early on. Whether a delivery is delayed due to the weather or traffic, our dispatchers will be in touch with your point of contact.

8. Peace of Mind 

Trusting your freight with a trucking company is like leaving your children with a new babysitter for the first time. In order to be comfortable with the arrangement, you should have every assurance that the delivery will be completed safely. Our back office staff are here to help provide the best possible service at every interval.

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