Maintenance: Keeping Trucks Efficient & Safe

We at Iron Horse Transport understand the need for reliable, safe shipping. Our customers’ freight can range from expensive machinery to bulk quantities of construction materials. Regardless of the freight’s nature, transporting it without incident is our mission. We prioritize the safety of our trucks and your freight by performing regular maintenance. These are some of the repairs we regularly perform in order to comply with safety standards and keep our trucks serviced.


6 Items of Regular Truck Maintenance

Cars need routine oil changes and general inspections, but dry van freight trucks have far more demanding requirements. The sheer distances that trucks travel for New York trucking companies necessitates significantly greater care. This is especially true when traveling through NYC, where bumpy roads and stop-and-go traffic can cause trucks to become worn.


#1 Tires

As one of the most important aspects of having a truck that is safe to drive, tire care is essential. For maximum performance, truck tires must be inflated to the exact recommended psi measurement. Tires that are inflated too much or too little might fail with extreme heat or overuse.

Drivers and supervisors should also pay attention to tread depth and other potential damage. Because these tires regularly support an enormous amount of weight, keeping them sturdy and operational is of the utmost importance. Our trucks are also equipped with air-ride suspension, which uses a layer of air (instead of the traditional steel springs) to provide suspension.


#2 Battery

Without a working battery, our New York truck drivers would be unable to quickly and efficiently start their vehicles. Exposure to heat might cause the truck battery to corrode, or sulfite crystals to form. This includes heat generated by the engine. If the truck battery continues to corrode, then it may cause the battery to deteriorate. With an emphasis on incident-free and timely arrival of all freight, our New York trucking company closely monitors all batteries.


#3 Cooling System

Our truck’s engines generate a lot of heat. A proper engine cooling system allows the engine to function properly, preventing any damage from taking place. Approaching the cooling system from the area adjacent to the engine is the only proper way to clean it. Without an efficient cooling system, the engine might overheat, or cause other issues.


#4 Air Conditioning

For driving during the heat of summer, air conditioning is a must. However, an air conditioning system does require upkeep to prevent impacting the rest of the truck. It could cause freon leaks, or other residue, to build up within the engine. If any hoses, belts or other components are failing, then it demands immediate attention. As a union-focused New York trucking company, we take special care to prevent air conditioning from causing harm.


#5 Electrical Systems

With significant use, electronics within the truck will eventually be in a state of disrepair. Whether this means that the alternator is broken, or that the wiring is compromised, electrical systems should be closely monitored. As a standard best practice, we examine the electrical systems whenever we are performing other maintenance.


#6 Hoses/Belts

Hoses and belts that function properly make a substantial difference in the overall performance of the truck. Inspecting these parts is easy. Our New York trucking company ensures that belt part has the proper tension, and does not have any cracks. Squeezing the hoses will help to determine whether or not the internal deterioration process has begun. Leaking and/or sponge-like feelings are both indicators that your truck needs new hoses.


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With a proactive and comprehensive truck maintenance approach, our New York Trucking Company ensures the safe arrival of all freight. Our experienced drivers take the utmost care to deliver your freight in an uneventful and timely manner. Contact us for more information about our trucking services.

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