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How Our Trucking Company Saved on Fuel This Fall

As a trucking company, we have a lot of expenses to consider in formulating an operating budget. Paying driver insurance and registration, performing routine truck maintenance, and salaries are all hefty (but worthwhile) expenses. These expenses, however, pale in comparison to the fluctuating cost of fuel. Without measures to regulate fuel consumption, a New York trucking company cannot expect to ship freight efficiently. As it happens, saving on fuel also leads to several operational advantages. Read on to learn how our trucking company implemented a more efficient shipping method by saving on fuel.

1. Less Idling

As experienced truck drivers, we know the toll that idling takes on fuel consumption. While it may seem inconsequential in the short term, it becomes quite impactful in the long run. When a truck engine idles for a significant period of time, it consumes a massive amount of fuel. Idling for even a few minutes each day can amount to dozens of gallons of fuel lost each year.

By not idling for significant periods of time, our truck drivers helped operations to run more smoothly. Without an unnecessary loss of fuel, we avoided the need to constantly refuel. In turn, this leads to increased efficiency and less frequent halts in driving.

2.Keep an Eye on Tires

At Iron Horse Transport, we emphasize the value of well-maintained vehicles. This is not only for our drivers’ safety, but also for the safe and timely delivery of your freight. When winter falls and the air begins to cool, having the right tire pressure is more critical than ever. By staying vigilant in regulating tire pressure, we can ensure that our trucks have proper fuel efficiency.

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3. Smooth Driving

Indiscriminately accelerating and decelerating can cause more damage than merely disrupting traffic. Driving in this manner can cause vehicles (especially trucks) to lose massive amounts of fuel. This is especially true in a highly trafficked and congested atmosphere like New York City. Fortunately, our truck drivers conserve fuel by driving in a smooth manner. In doing so, they avoid frequent fuel stops that would otherwise compromise their schedule.

4. Plan Routes Carefully

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Maintaining proper fuel efficiency is all about making deliberate choices. And, there is no choice more deliberate than planning a proper route, especially in NYC. Traffic, travel permits, bridges and other factors create unexpected obstacles. By planning each route around these obstacles, we limit excess fuel consumption. In doing so, we also ensure the timely arrival of all freight, regardless of the size, or other considerations.

During this route determination process, logistics specialists examine the advantages of each route, and arrive at a conclusion.

Our New York trucking company conducts route surveys regularly to avoid schedule-altering traffic, and exorbitant fuel costs.

5. Utilize Cruise Control (When Possible)

Most people recognize that cruise control is a convenient way to travel long distances without constant stress. However, the benefits do not end there. Our truck drivers make a concerted effort to drive with cruise control whenever possible to limit gear shifting. In doing so, we conserve valuable fuel. While this strategy is not always viable for a New York trucking company, it is nonetheless a valuable tool.

6. Perform Engine Maintenance

In a similar vein to tire pressure, the state of an engine can also have a large impact on fuel consumption. We regularly inspect our trucks’ engines and perform simple mechanical repairs. In doing so, we prevent errors that would otherwise lead to excess fuel consumption.

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7. Decrease Freight Weight

It’s common for truck drivers to keep basic tools and equipment inside their truck at all times. After all, most truckers pride themselves on being prepared to overcome any obstacle. However, our truck drivers refrain from carrying extra equipment that would compromise fuel efficiency. With a lighter load, our trucks consume less gas en route.

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For a New York trucking company, taking heed of daily/monthly fuel consumption is key to learning how to decrease it. At Iron Horse Transport, we take great care to ensure the timely and safe arrival of all freight. Contact us to learn more about how we are uniquely qualified to ship freight for union teamsters.