Flatbed truck hauling materials with a forklift on the back

Flatbed Trucking Services: The Most Common Freight 

At Iron Horse Transport, a safe and quick delivery is our highest priority. We use state-of-the-art trucking equipment, excellent drivers and good back-office support staff to accomplish this. And more often than not, a diverse range of trucking services guarantee safe, fast and reliable transportation.

One of the most popular trucking services here in New York is flatbed trucking. At Iron Horse Transport, our flatbed trucking service continues to meet our client’s New York trucking needs.

Every industry that ships products requires flatbed trucking. Some need them rarely, and others on a regular basis. Regardless, they’re vital to the operation of the countless businesses who must transport large cargo, often in strange shapes or sizes. Flatbed trucking in New York City is one of the fundamental services any shipping company can provide. In this post, we’ll discuss a few of the most common kinds of freight that flatbed trucks transport.


First: What Are Flatbed Trucks? 

Flatbed trucks are cabs that connect with long, uncovered, horizontal beds. These beds have a variety of applications. First and foremost, flatbed trucks can transport palletized freight like tiles, bricks, or other construction materials.

Overweight or over-dimensional transport, like machinery, can also be mounted on flatbed trucks. In addition, certain construction vehicles like truck-mounted forklifts arrive at job sites on flatbed trucks.

What Materials Are Transported?

Usually, workers on union job sites want to unload their materials immediately upon the truck’s arrival. Because the flatbed trailer allows for smooth access of a crane or forklift, this significantly speeds up the unloading process.

flatbed truck hauling construction equipment through NYC

1. Construction Materials 

Construction materials for projects in New York City can be anything from lumber to scaffolding. However, it can also mean a lot more of the heavier, more solid materials like brick, steel beams, rods and concrete. Usually, these are bulky, substantial items arriving in large quantities. Therefore, suppliers need larger trailers to transport them to their destinations.

Ultimately, flatbed trucks aren’t just the most popular vehicle for shipping construction materials because of their size alone. In addition, they’re also the most practical option. A crane or truck-mounted forklift can load or unload materials of a heavier weight directly from the trailer upon delivery. Superintendents on NYC job sites find this especially appealing. When automatic equipment can complete the unloading process independently, and right away, it saves a lot of time and energy. This way, the construction crew won’t have to derail their agenda in order to unload the truck themselves.

2. Scrap Metal Removal 

Of course, removing scrap metal is a business unto itself. Often, union crews, construction companies, independent builders and real estate developers hire services to remove scrap metal on their behalf. The removal specialists collect the scrap metal, load it onto the flatbed and bring it to a recycling facility.

Usually, they sell the scrap metal and the plant repurposes it or sells it to another company. The sheer convenience of the loading and unloading, as well as the considerable size and the ability to discard the entire flatbed if necessary, make these trucks the perfect option for this.

3. Equipment Hauling 

Obviously, shipping large equipment is no easy feat. This sort of over-dimensional transport requires a vehicle that can adequately carry it. Items like tractors, forklifts, farm/harvesting equipment, military vehicles and more reach their destinations via flatbed trucks.

Flatbed trucks are significantly safer than driving the equipment itself on the necessary route. Additionally, even massive parts of airplane machinery often reach their destination on flatbeds.

Final Thoughts

Like all of our services, we refine our flatbed trucking to be as convenient and stress-free for our client as possible. Each client can confidently expect swift, smooth travel to each destination and state-of-the-art equipment to keep all cargo intact. Flatbed trucking is a popular (and effective) way to ensure substantial items safely and promptly complete their journeys, no matter the distance.