Truck-Mounted Forklifts: Improving Speed & Productivity

At Iron Horse Transport, we’ve been providing indispensable trucking services in the New York City area for decades. Everything from our route surveys to lift gates are in place for the sole purpose of providing exceptional service. In addition, we constantly strive to be better, operate faster and work harder.

As a result, we’ve added another innovative trucking service to our lineup: truck mounted forklifts, or “piggy back” forklifts. For our NYC union clients, this means a new level of convenience. In this post, we’ll explore truck mounted forklifts, their functions and how they can massively improve job site productivity.


Benefits of Truck Mounted Forklifts

In essence, these forklifts are sleek, compact models that arrive on the rear of our trucks and trailers. While these forklifts are smaller in size than their standard counterparts, their load capacity is incredible. Generally, they’re capable of hauling up to 5,500 pounds worth of materials. Therefore, whether you need to move lumber, steel or masonry, truck mounted forklifts are a versatile solution.

1. Enhanced Reach & Maneuverability

At Iron Horse Transport, we’ve built a sterling reputation partly on our ability to conquer the challenges of trucking in NYC. As anyone who’s ever driven in Manhattan can attest, it’s never easy. Huge volumes of traffic, narrow streets and countless pedestrians make NYC driving a unique kind of difficult. Therefore, operating large vehicles like trucks and forklifts is doubly as challenging.

However, truck mounted forklifts are much better for operating in metropolitan areas. And it’s not just because of their compact size. In addition to their size, our Loadmac truck mounted forklifts have a double-reach mast. Basically, this allows them to reach the opposite side of the trailer the forklift is unloading. Since street space in NYC is extremely limited, this is an extraordinary benefit. The forklift’s operator doesn’t have to constantly reposition the forklift to access materials.

2. All-Terrain Access

Truck mounted forklifts arrive to the job site on a trailer with a 40,000 pound load capacity. Therefore, our crew can safely transport an extraordinary amount of materials along with the forklift. Many union workers have experienced the frustration of trying to operate a forklift on rough, unstable terrain. Unfortunately, this kind of terrain is far from ideal for standard forklifts. However, truck mounted forklifts present a unique solution to this problem.

Since they are transported on large trailers, truck mounted forklifts can be dismounted anywhere. Basically, this means that you simply choose the spot, and we’ll drop the forklift there. You’ll be able to unload freight and place your materials on any job site, regardless of terrain. This will save your team an extraordinary amount of time and man power. Rather than manually carrying heavy materials long distances across unstable terrain, truck mounted forklifts do the work for you.

3. Extraordinary Time Savers

Perhaps the most useful benefit of our truck mounted forklifts is the incalculable amount of time they save. In fact, it’s impossible to quantify just how many hours, days or weeks that would go to waste without them. We already discussed their ability to maneuver unstable terrain. However, they also save time in another integral way.

Truck mounted forklift drivers are fully capable of instantly loading or unloading materials. At first, this might not seem a significant asset. However, this totally eliminates the need for drivers to wait on co-workers for assistance. As a result, job site productivity skyrockets. Finally, truck mounted forklifts dismount from their trailer quickly and smoothly. This makes them ready to operate within seconds.


Conclusion – Iron Horse Transport

Here at Iron Horse Transport, we’re always looking for the newest innovation that enables us to provide the very best NYC union trucking services. Truck mounted forklifts are the most recent addition to our lineup, and an extraordinary asset to union job sites.